Creating Product Mockups with Adobe Illustrator

I am trying out the 10-day trial for this course to decide if I want to sign up for the membership, but I dont understand why the instructor is using materials in the course that require me to purchase them from Envato Market. I feel like if you’re teaching a course, provide source materials that are readily available and free to the student. I’m already paying for the course, I dont want to purchase additional materials JUST to take the course. Makes no sense whatsoever.

Hi @ljelliott30, purchasing stock images and assets is part and parcel of modern design workflows, but if you don’t want to use what’s suggested in the course you can always find free alternatives (with proper licensing) elsewhere online. For example:

I hope that helps!

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This doesn’t address the question being asked. The question is clear: If I purchase a course and an instructor is using a specific PSD to teach a lesson, the instructor should provide that PSD in the course materials. NOT require me to purchase them.

Sorry you feel that way @ljelliott30–rest assured that it isn’t the case with most of our courses. Still, if you’re unhappy with your Tuts+ subscription you can cancel before the 10 day trial is over; you won’t be charged anything.