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Hi, this is my first post on this forum and I hope you guys can help me!

First some background information:
Currently I am working at a medium-sized IT-Company in Germany. We are offering Web2Print-Solutions in form of shops. Also companys are able to acquire our license and work as a reseller for us.

Recently a large customer has purchased a license from us in order to work as a reseller. He asked us if we could set up a shop for him including product images etc., that he can resell to others by copying the shop. Every buyer receives a folder with mockups (psds) of the product images, so they can make changes to the pictures according to their desires.

My problem:
I received the task to create the named product images (photorealistic). Creating these by myself in Blender isnt a possibility as I have no experience in Blender. Moreover Illustrator/Photoshop arent options either as I am not able to make these look photorealistic. Taking pictures with a camera is also not possible.

My only possibility is using assets from Envato and other similar pages.
Envato states in its licensing-terms that I can use their offered items in order to create an End Product.
Moreover, Envato quotes that by customizing it or incorporating into a larger design (it means the item or article from Envato) selling would be possible. In our case, the larger “design” is the shop and the images are a small chunk.

Lets say If I apply heavy changes to the items and say that the heavily altered items are my End Product: Are we or our reseller allowed to sell the End Product or give the End Product away for free?

I appreciate any kind of help! Sorry for my english!

Hi @bb_grafik - welcome to the Envato forums!

That’s a tricky one - I recommend opening a ticket at Envato Help and Support if you haven’t already done so, as the support team (potentially with input from Legal) should be able to give you an official answer on this.

I suspect you’ll need the support team to help define what your End Product is - i.e. is it an eCommerce website? I’m not sure that I understand what an end user is buying from the reseller: if they are buying a copy of the shop, wouldn’t they use it to sell their own products instead of using the existing product images?

This page has a note about “create your own” apps and sites, which would not be covered by a Standard license:


thank your for the warm welcome and thank you for your advice!
I will open a ticket as soon as possible.

Yes, it is an eCommerce Website, made by us with our own software and template.
We see the shop itself as the End Product, while the images are only a small part of the big picture.

The Reseller receives the permission to sell our license including a shop to other people.
When a person acquires a sublicense from our reseller, he receives a copy of the shop we previously made.

There are 2 different licensing-models: Either the person buys a license where he can only sell products from the reseller, or he buys an extended license where he can sell his own products, too.
It is like a chain. We sell to our reseller and our reseller sells to other people.

It is a little difficult for me to explain this topic, sorry for that!

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