Hello, I am a unity developer.

Unity has an asset store, and I make tools, primarily programming code etc. However I also make demo scenes for the customer.

I need pictures etc in these demo scenes, Am I allowed to use envato elemnts pictures for them?
My current tool transitions between Images. so in my demo I only need the Images for demonstration.
And the user just wants the code.

thank you

Hello, you can do it. Only thing you can’t do is resell those images on elements (or elsewhere). You can use them in your demo, also you can use bought pictures in your design for your customer but only once.

Anyway you asked if you can use those pictures in your demo - the answer is yes.

Our moderators will correct me If I am wrong ;]

Thank you for reply!

when you mean only once, you mean once per product? or once per customer?


So If I make a game and add an Image from Envato Elemnts, and that game I put on the play store, I can only sell it to one person?

Not quite. If you make a game for a customer (client) and they then put it on the Play Store then you need a license for each customer you make a game for. If you make multiple games for one customer then you need one license for each game. You don’t need one license for each end user (Play Store Customers) but you may need an extended license if they’re paying to see/use/access the Envato content.