Using Pre-Made Designs on my Online Course as Materials. Is this Allowed?

Can I use the pre-made graphic designs from Envato as materials for my online design course for demonstration purposes? For example, I may use the original poster design template from Envato “as-is” just to explain the design principles applied to it.

Please let me know if this is permissible or not.

As long as you give some information ( credits where the original design is taken ) somewhere on your course details, I don’t see any reason why you can’t.
( Assuming that you’re not going to sell the items )

Do I still add attribution/credits even I’m paid user?

Is it from Elements? Is the courses you’re providing is being sold? ( Do you charge for the courses? )

No. It’s my design course. I want to use some premade graphic templates from Elements as-is as demonstration.

Are you going to charge for the design course or is it going to be free?

That part of the course would be a bonus for a paid course. Of course, I’m not giving them the source files. Just for presentation.

In this case, you could use it but to avoid any issues, you better credit the items you have used.

Alright. Will do.

Thank you!
Paul G.

Is putiing attribution like “Image by: Envato Elements” good enough?

Just better list all of the links… It will save time later to find the images in case of you need it again