create one logo stings as starting of video of multiple numbers of video

Hi, I need some help the logo stings

I want create a starting scene of video with my own logo with the products in link below:

Can I modify this with my own logo and use this in multiple numbers of video ? I will need to buy it with extended license ??? Or I will have to pay every time when I create any new video ?

From license FAQ:

I am using an After Effects template to create my logo sting (logo reveal). Do I need to buy a license for each movie that logo sting goes in?

No. The customized/rendered logo reveal is the final end product and it can be used in any number of movies without having to purchase another license. Remember that you need a new license for each use of the template to create a unique logo reveal.

Regular license is enough. But keep in mind that you can use it in your videos on your channel only 52 times per year (year begins with the publication of the first video). Therefore, if a year is not over yet, you have already uploaded 52 videos, and you want to continue uploading videos, you will need to purchase another one Standard License

Thanks for the replies, I have got two more questions.

  1. the video gonna be uploaded on my company developed app. A regular license will do as well ?
  2. if i choose to buy a regular license now, can i upgrade the license to extended license with paying only the price difference later if needed?

Many thanks.

  1. If the application will be sold for money, then you need to buy an Extended License.
  2. There is no such function.
    More information you can find here: Regular License | VideoHive