Logo Reveal for a YouTube channel


I would like to buy a logo reveal for my YouTube Channel, but i don’t understand how the license works.
The logo reveal will be use on all my future videos… Do i need to buy the item every time i publish a video? That wouldn’t be a possibile for me :frowning:

Hi @Chiara2501! If you’re purchasing an item through VideoHive, the Regular License covers the use of that item in a single application or “end product”.

There’s some more information on what counts as a single application in the licence FAQ here:

What is a single application?
A single application means one unique end product (which can be copied and made available to end users of that product). The end product depends on the nature of the item - for an item like a logo template, the end product is the final, unique logo, which can be used in unlimited ways.

In your case, if you have added to the basic item (combining the Logo Reveal with your own branding), that would be considered an End Product, and you could use it for multiple videos.

Thank you @BenLeong, it was really helpful!

I hope you don’t mind if I ask you other two questions.

Is this valid only for the items under the category “Logo Stings”? I really like one that falls under the category “Titles”.

What about the items on Envano Elements? If I subscribe and use one of their Logo Stings template or similar, will I be able to use it in the future, even if I unsubscribe for any reason?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

No worries :slight_smile:

If the item (or items) are used to create some video footage (incorporating your logo/branding, animation effects etc) that will be used unchanged at the start of each video, that’s fine - that logo reveal would be considered a single End Product, and can be used to introduce all the videos in your channel.

If the logo reveal is modified each time (for example, if you create new versions that incorporate the title of the video it’s added to) then each of those versions would be a separate End Product.

The Envato Elements licence terms have a few differences, but for your purposes you’re still looking at using the item to create a single End Product. This would need to be created while your subscription is active, but it can continue to be used on your channel videos after your subscription ends. What you wouldn’t be able to do is use the item to create any new End Products with that item after your subscription ends.

Thank you very much BenLeong, your explanation was perfectly clear! :smiley:

You helped me a lot.

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