Crazy rejection?

Can’t see whats wrong with this piece. Found a middlle way with the background piano and the highlights. With modern sound. But just a hard rejection. What can you say?

Sounds good, but when the cello she forces herself to listen.
very complex progression for background music.
And you wrote that this is “background” in the tags or description?

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No, in the categorie modern classical. For classical it has to have great sound and can have articulations imo.

Cello inappropriate. I think it is the reason for the rejection.

The piano takes too much room and too wide range of frequencies. There ist too much clue in the lower mids that make the song not “easy” to listen. With the composition and structure everything is fine by the way. All blame to the mix :wink:

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I must think about your reactions. Thanks for those!

Hello, I would have to check on my studio system, but I hear lots of distorsion… strange for a “soft” piece…
at 0:55 and 1:23 for instance… For me this would be enough to be rejected, but this would be a “soft rejection” then I guess, with a notice “please remwork on your mix”…