Copyright claim for song "African" by MrClaps

Dear Ladies, dear Sirs,
I have purchased the song African by MrClaps uploaded in 2019:

I am now receiving a copyright claim for the song “Kings and Bandits” from the artist Alec Koff:

  • Copyrighted content: Kings And Bandits
  • Claimed by: Elite Alliance Music
    The song is absolutely identical to the one of MrClaps.

Please assist to resolve this situation and remove the false claim from my video. Thank you very much and with best regards, Markus

@MrClaps, Can you help with this, please?

Of course we will help. It would be nice to know the link to the video from which you need to remove the claim.

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Dear @MrClaps, the claim is on this video here: The Great Migration of the Wildebeest | Serengeti Mara River Post | Tanzania 2022 | 4K-Video - YouTube
Sorry, I did not wanted to advertise my video here. I also disputed the claim with reference to your original song and the licence I bought from Envato Market.

Thank you so much and best regards,

I sent a letter to the content id, they will remove the claim as soon as possible

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Thank you so much, I highly appreciate your kind assistance and thank you for you the wonderful music you provide.

Best regards, Markus

Already happened, thank you very very much!

Good news! After reviewing your dispute, Elite Alliance Music has decided to release their copyright claim on your YouTube video.

I was completely misslead by the claim title “Kings and Bandits by Alec Koff” and it did not come to my mind that this is the same song and author as African by MrClaps. I thought it was a false claim by somebody else. Sorry for this confusion and my overreaction. I am well aware that I can dispute claims for songs that I bought here but usually they are named (more or less) the same as the title I bought.

Again thanks to all parties involved in resolving this issue.

Best regards