[YouTube] A copyright claim was created by: Elite Alliance Music - 2 or 3 a day!

Hello Envanto,
I have been getting basically all my YouTube videos flagged with this claim by Elite Alliance Music for the last few days. I have purchased the following, and all the claims are in off these purchases. The biggest issue is that the claim doesn’t match the name.

Then one of my claims was denied! What is going on?
The claims do not even match! When I looked up the music in the video it was called “Information” that I purchased the license for. Not “Welcome History” this really starting to get ridiculous!


Please, contact directly with authors through profile page to solve it.

yea elite alliance music hit me with a copyright claim recently as did HAAWK for a 3rd party. i think both are scammers. the second has a petition out to get them banned from youtube as it’s a scam bot used against content creators to file false claims and i think the first is too either that or it’s a scam center. file a petition and i will sign it.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but nope.

They are a legitimate company many music authors have chosen to manage their ContentID rights.

Getting a copyright claim for using copyrighted material is perfectly normal. You get a license precisely to lift those claims.

As a content creator you should get acquainted with how YouTube works and what’s the proper way to deal with this (Here’s what you can learn about it on Envato). You’ll benefit from it far more than from signing some silly petition.

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