Seeking Help with Contacting Elite Alliance Music regarding buying licence to remove claim

Dear Ladies, dear Sirs,

IMPORTANT: This has nothing to do with Audiojungle or Envato and I highly appologize for bringing up this topic up here but I am desperate as I am running out of options.

I am seeking help from anybody who has contacts or insights into Elite Alliance Music.

I received a copyright claim for a song that I used in my youtube video.

Copyrighted content: Modern Technology Corporate
Artist: Musical Splash
Claimed by: Elite Alliance Music

I tried to contact Elite Alliance Music several times asking to buy licences for the song using their contact form but did not recieve any respond at all. I tried to find the artist on several plattforms but was unsuccessful. If anybody here in the forum has any possibility to help me get in contact with Elite Alliance Music or the artist in order to properly licence the song, your help would be greatly appreciated, thank you very very much!

The reason I got into this problem was that the song was part of my subscription on another plattform but was removed before I released my videos without any notice, so once I uploaded my videos the song was not covered by the subscription anymore. But unfortunately the claims came in years later, so I cannot take down the video anymore. Very very unfortunate but happens, my bad.

Thank you very much and best regards

I would think this is the artist you might be looking for:

Their profile is here: Musical-Splash - Portfolio | AudioJungle

If that helps.

Regardless of which platform you may have purchased this item through, my best advice is to always download the licence certificate and/or keep proper records when purchasing any digital items online. This can help avoid situations like this happening, or at least you could prove your purchase to any would be claims made against you.


Thank you very very much for your kind help and the information provided. Yes, this is exactly the song. So glad I can buy the licence now and get the claim removed. Also interesting that exactly that song is extremely expensive compared to all others, but that is how economy works.

Also I just got the same information a couple of minutes ago from Elite Alliance Music also, so they were responding, but weeks later. But glad to know that there was help from their side also.

So I can get my case sorted, I am very very happy.

Thank you very much and best regards,

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I’m glad we could help you. If my answer was the best one would you like to mark it as Solved :slight_smile:

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My job is done LOL - thanks @mtrachsel take care my friend

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I received a copyright claim for a track that I used in my YouTube video. (0:01 – 1:01)

Copyrighted content: Formation and Evolution
Artist: Alec Koff
Claimed by: Elite Alliance Music

A couple of years back, I downloaded the track from envato elements and now I’m unable to find it to download the licence.

I need the envato elements link so that I can download it with new license.