Cooperative license

Let’s model the situation,

I create video content, it is almost ready, I do not have enough music for the dynamism of what is happening and the involvement of the buyer, I want to write myself, but I accidentally see a cool music suitable for all parameters on AJ, can I not buying and not investing music in the final product (I will leave links in the description and in the main file of the product, having previously agreed with the author of the musical work), impose on my demo video? If so, what about the Envato reviewers, how do I show that I have agreed with the author of a musical work?

  1. Or will the demo version of the music (and the contract with the author) be enough, 2. What if the author didn’t agree or didn’t respond, I can still use the demo content of his music?

Any author can use any watermarked Audiojungle tracks in the preview video for their Envato item… no permission required. They do have to credit the author/track though, and provide a link to the tracks item page.

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