Content ID claim or a copyright strik

A few months ago I purchased the “A Few Notes (Premiere Version)” video intro and then the song with the same title “A Few Notes”. After uploading a few videos on YouTube, I started getting the “content ID claim or a copyright strike” from YouTube, letting me know that the song I am using in my intro video got a strike.

I made a claim using Envato’s help from the documentation they provide for YouTube Copyright but I don’t have the time to claim every video I upload on my channel. It also takes almost 30 days for every claim and my videos cannot get monetized. I contacted the song creator from AudioJungle and he told me he doesn’t know why all my videos are keep getting copyright claims from YouTube because of his song.

Any ideas on what to do and how to fix this?

You used music in many end products( different video titles). As i see, there is no multi use license for music, thats why you get copyright claim. The author can whitelist your channel for this particular music, but most likely he won’t do it if this not an intro of your channel.

Hello Anim Set, your reply is much appreciated, thank you for taking the time to answer!

So you say that by purchasing a song and a video intro you can only use it in just one video? I mean, if that’s the case, then I shouldn’t have brought an intro video and song from Envato.


First, “copyright claims” and “copyright strikes” are not the same at all. A copyright claim does not affect the good standing status of your channel, it simply means your video contains copyrighted material.

Copyright claims are easily lifted with the license you buy from AudioJungle. Most third-parties have a dedicated form to do just that and the process typically takes a few hours (the video should be set to “unlisted” in the meantime).

Now, the fact that the author doesn’t know why you’re getting those claims is worrisome. It either means they’ve registered with ContentID and don’t understand what it implies. Or, it could be that the author had left their music unprotected and a usurper fraudulently registered their music in their stead. It’s also possible that it’s just a false positive detection, though I don’t know if that’s such a prevalent issue. You may want to check out the copyright claim that was issued and see if the author matches the AJ author.

Regarding multi-use, @AnimSet is right there is no multi-use license for music. There are workarounds though. If the intro is always strictly the same with no modifications whatsoever and slapped as is in front of your videos, then the intro would be considered as the end-product and could be used in any number of videos.

If your intro has even slight modifications (different titles or other texts, different images,…), then they would be different end-products and would each require their own license. There is however a “series policy” that allows you to use a single license for up to 52 episodes (within a year) of a same series.

Hope it helps