Contact form wrongly displayed after updating X theme, likely issue [cs-column]

I face a problem with displaying the Material Design contact form. It looks like [cs-column] is a shortcode provided by X Theme. For some reason I see [/cs-column] in my front-end. This suggests that the shortcode was already closed for some reason, before it was supposed to be. This happen after I updated my X Theme a week ago. URL: maxxfleet(dot).com.

I would like to say check the page code in classic editor if there is any issue with [/cs-column] the you can fix by removing extra one.

Thanks. I am not familiar with the code, the problem description is from the plugin supplier. Are there any directions you can give, or is the issue known and should I expect an updated X theme?

I think if you go to edit the page there you will get option to open the classic editor mode. you have to open the editor in classic mode/text mode so that you can check the code and can remove extra [/cs-column]. But sorry! I don’t have more definitive guideline for this. So, otherwise you can take a freelancer support by hiring one.