Feedback before submit.

Hello, can anyone check item for some error or mistake before I submit it on ThemeForest. Thanks you.


Nice Design, but need some changes. I am going to be direct.

  1. There are lots of problems with spacing and alignments with your sections. like service section on home page have not enough space among each service.

  2. There is no link on the homepage blog post section so that a user can see the full post.

  3. At the clients testimonial section, you have to increase your padding so that the bottom shadow of each testimonials could appear.

  4. I think the most worst part of your template is ‘choosing color’. Why? Because, there is no secondary color scheme in your item. You are just using ‘black color’. Try to use another color with that. You can get help to choose color for your theme from here.

  5. Personally, i didn’t like the style of your contact form in the homepage. Follow some successful authors on themeforest and get some idea to create a unique and creative contact form.

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I will fix that.

You told me that I have many spacing and alignments problems like service section… can you tell me where is that, so I can find it and fix it, if you have time?