2colums in contact form 7 in Jevelin Theme-

Hi ,
I have purchased the Jevelin theme. I need to create contact forms with multiple columns.
I have installed wordpress short code enabler. According to the tutorials, I also have to install another plugin, Column shortcodes. I haven’t done this because I am a bit concerned it will interfere with my theme, since many of those functions are already built in in my theme.
Has anyone installed this plug in and can you tell me if it is safe to install and activitate without it creating a mess in my website. Another thing that is not clear to me, is that there is a contact form from the start up clean template, which has 1 line of 2 colums. How can this work if the shortcode plugin has not been installed, does that mean that jevelin has a shortcode plugin built in ?
I have tried to modify this form adding more of the same shortcodes as already in the form, but that is not working.
So, to summarise: I need to make a contact form with 2 colums . what do i do ?
many thanks for your help. nicole


you can ask the theme author if they have any column generator shortcode built with the theme then you can use those shortcode.

How to contact an author:

otherwise if any additional column shortcode plugin not work then you can check this video to make a custom form with 2 columns:


Thanks, I have done that. I also watched that tutorial from Bjorn but his shortcodes do not work. I 'm guessing because I haven’t got the plugins installed. He does not mention those at all in his tutorial.
I have been trying for 2 days now… hopefully I’ll get a reply from shufflehound .


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