Complete inconsistencies from GraphicRiver reviewer(s)

I’m really beginning to tear my hair out with the GraphicRiver review process. Reviewers are rejecting items saying they’re not high quality enough, but then accepting items in the same series.

See the below example. Each of the designs are from the same series. They use the same elements, type layouts, colours etc. They’re the same design style used over several different paper sizes.

How can some items be accepted and others be rejected for “lack of quality”?

It’s completely inconsistent and I can only assume there are multiple reviewers, one accepting one rejecting.

This makes the GraphicRiver review process like rolling the dice - get one reviewer and your item is approved, get another and it is rejected. It shouldn’t be - it should be based off item quality.

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Here is more evidence of the same inconsistency coming from the GraphicRiver review process.

All designs are from the same series, they use the same colours, images, layout elements etc

yet some are approved and others aren’t.

Hey! Dude, sometimes its really mistakes of reciewer, but ur items level up after reject. Not for all, but after a lot of rejectes u will make always right for sales and looking.

Its problem of all authora. Just try to change somethink in psd and upload again! Gl

I am like 7 years here and still can’t understand the review process not only in graphicriver Videohive too. Sometimes I see approved items that I can do them in 5 minutes.

Let me tell you something, I have 17 approved and selling graphics in the most known marketplaces but they were hard rejected in graphicriver can you imagine that.

What I understand now is that you need to ulpoad something like 3000 icons, 10000 design before you get approved :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to upload many of my logos in the past few months. None was approved till date. I see some elite authors who get their logos approved daily, although they are simple and the same concept (color variation and sometimes letters). So I am not sure what’s with GR reviewers. Are they favoring authors with alot of followers?!! Are there reviewers for rejection only and others for approval only?!! Is there any hope for new designers on GR or even Envato?!

Just keep trying and hope they approve something one day. For me, I gave up uploading to GraphicRiver better to stick with videohive only :frowning:

By the way, I am a graphic designer with more than 15 years experience and I am getting rejected emails :slight_smile:

Wow 15 years, I just started my graphic design path few months back. Thanks for the encouragement :slight_smile:

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I have been messing about with Photoshop, for at least 7 years, (5 here without checking) and sometimes it all comes down to the reviewer liking it or not liking it.

True, we all wish that there wasn’t a review process, but we all like the bigger profits here.

You can get some idea as to what they want, if you keep at it for a while, but true not easy to get clobbered.

But to answer @BrandPacks, comments, his work is probably on a knife edge regarding it being approved, so hence the some getting in and others not.

I got clobbered getting new year eve flyers in, but that was because l kept putting too much Xmas things in. So l learned from that and kept it on theme for Xmas, and got more through than usual.

Good luck.



With other accounts, I’ve been a GraphicRiver Author here for 8 years. I’m happy to accept rejections, it’s part of life selling on GraphicRiver, but the point here is not whether the items should have been accepted.

The point is that the review process is now like rolling the dice.

Accepting one item but rejecting the other (from the exact same design series) shows a profound inconsistency, which I can only imagine is caused by multiple reviewers with different ideas of quality.

So if you get one reviewer, your work is accepted. Get another, it’s rejected.

It shouldn’t be like this - if your work meets a certain quality level, it should be accepted (which these items obviously do, because half of them were accepted).

One reviewer having one standard and another reviewer following another set of rules is not good for anyone on GraphicRiver.