Weird Review System.

Sometimes I wonder whether the reviewers on Graphicriver are robots or real humans. because so many items were rejected, and it turns out that previously received items can also be rejected again. I have tried several things, I tried to make the item that is technically the same as the item that was previously received, but it still gets rejected, like receiving an item on GraphicRiver is no longer about quality, it’s still about the mood of the reviewer.


I can’t speak for the reviewers themselves, and I don’t have any insider knowledge of how it’s actually handled, however, from what I’ve seen over the years I can say that a lot of different things go into an item review.

The general quality of items goes up more and more over time which also raises the standard. So items that were accepted a year ago, or even a few months ago may no longer meet the new quality standard.

Another thing that’s taken into account is how original the item is. For example, if there are already tons of high-quality minimalistic business cards, then that lowers the chance of any new ones of similar quality or style being accepted, that way the market isn’t flooded with a bunch of the same thing.

These things may be frustrating for some people, but it also drives constant growth in both the marketplace and the authors. In my own personal opinion, I think it’s a good thing. It keeps me on my toes and essentially forces me to get better every time I make an item.

Having your item rejected doesn’t always mean that it’s poorly made, it could just mean that you should try thinking outside the box next time.

I think what to expect from a rigorous review on Graphicriver, the number of sales is decreasing from time to time, especially since the element banner is displayed so large on Graphicriver that it will direct consumers to subscribe to the element. and while items that are rejected on the graphicriver can be accepted in the element. and now what’s so great about Graphicriver?? Sales are a bit strict, and the display image sizes are different from other websites, which means that designers have to work twice only for rejected items. From my experience selling fonts and mockups, if you count 100% of sales for 5 years, sales on Graphicriver are only 2% of sales in other marketplaces with an easier review system. and now what’s so great about graphicriver??

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