Comments feed when used for support

I sent two emails to your support desk because there is a comment feed which needs urgently editing. An email address is exposed and so is a license number. It has been over 12 hours and no response from your support desk. Can someone please advise.

Have you tried to flag the comments?

Thanks - I didn’t see the flag. I have just done that and it is now in moderation.

I spoke too soon. I have flagged the second comment with the same problem and it is still showing. It seems I can’t flag the second comment. It is silly that I can’t edit the comment.

I have got someone else to flag it as exposing an email so that comment goes into moderation and doesn’t show. I hope support understands and remove it permanently.

You can edit the comments but I believe there’s a time limit ( 10/30 minutes )
After that, either you will need to post a new one or contact Envayo support to edit the comments but support will take 3-5 working days.

I’m not sure as if you have “daily limit” to flag the comments but as an author, I believe I could mark more…

That is a really long time for support. Not great to be frank.