[CodeCanyon] Your item has been rejected

Hello everyone in the Codecanyon community,

I’m a software developer and I’ve been trying to submit my product to Codecanyon. However, this is the second time I’ve submitted my product, and once again, I received a vague rejection notification after about 30 minutes without a specific reason.

I’ve invested quite a bit of time and effort into building this product, and I genuinely want to share it with the community. However, the rejection notification doesn’t provide any specific insight into why my product wasn’t accepted.

I’m struggling to understand the exact reason for the rejection and how to improve my product to meet Codecanyon’s standards. So, I want to ask if anyone here has faced a similar situation or has experience in resolving this issue.

Any suggestions or insights on how to improve the product, the submission process, or any advice would be greatly appreciated. I believe with support from this community, I can improve my product and successfully get it accepted on Codecanyon.

Thank you all for reading and responding. I look forward to receiving help and insights from everyone.

Best regards,

Below are the links to documentation for my project, and the first one is also the introduction I wrote when submitting it to Codecanyon.


Landing: https://document.saletoolkit.com/intro


It’s a wonderful and unique project, which platform you sell it on.

Hi Bro!
I sell it on here


But it was never approved.
This is my second project, and both were rejected
I really want to know the specific reason, so that I can fix it accordingly. I believe in the quality of my products

Yes, it seems like a fantastic project and not available in the market before. Yes, I have also had more than 4 projects rejected, and I won’t know the real reason why.

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