Codecanyon Revolution - A solution to end the nightmares of rejected items

Hello to all friends,

I have a solution to end the problems of authors whose products are rejected.

see this image:


if you can, tell this way to codecanyon managers. this way is unique.


Is there a high demand for items that get rejected?

absolutely yes. is there

What are you proposing exactly?

That they make all items available for sale? And just mark those which are approved and what % approved others are?

I’m confused…

Here is an example:
Some products are rejected by the review team because they are not very professional in terms of coding.
But I say, instead of reject these products, reviews team can publish this product on other level of item. like above image.

So basically you want to turn Envato Market into a dump instead of place for premium quality items?

The second level of products should be good. no very low quality . do you understand ?

I really don’t think this is the concept Envato is after…

I really know they will do it.

Normally I think two categories for products should be considered:

  1. Current professional product.
    2 - Good products, but not professional,

Hosting / offering items for sale costs envato in terms of technical and staff resource so it’s unlikely that they will want to dedicate this to sub par items when they can function how they do and maintain expected standards.

It would also be extremely important to be able to determine and make clear what it is that means the item is not approved as this could very well be problematic to anyone trying to use it.

So I also pointed out that products are in the second level, which should not be problematic :slight_smile:

Why just don’t make better items? What is even the point to flood the market with bad products?

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There are a lot of authors who can work just a bit. They can not be professional, but they can made good products.

Well if the product is good enough I don’t see the problem? If it’s rejected then obviously it’s not. Simple.

Well there are many products that have been rejected simply because of its simple coding.

Well there are many products that have been rejected simply because of its simple coding. this product is working good, but for simple coding, it is rejected

That is exactly the kind of thing I meant about having to explain why an item is not approved and more Importantly determine what that means for a buyer - simple coding could well mean tha an item is insecure or would not work properly etc

Ultimately it would be quite disrespectful to approved authors who have worked hard enough to get to the standard

What’s the incentive for authors to maintain their standards and ultimately the marketpace standards if they can get away with more basic and lower level work?