Codecanyon making life frustrating

My item is still in review after 20 days.
No action taken no support reply no twitter reply

What the Envato employees is doing? How busy they r that they can’t review in 20 days also.

Its irritating and frustrating. No contact make it worst to wait :pleading_face:

There has been a time that they didn’t check any item for 60+ days few years back. You just need to hope the best and wait

Based on the Envato Marketplace Review Times definately sounds like something is not right here. Please open a ticket Envato Authors Help and Support and Tweet it to @envato_help. This maybe an issue with your file / blocked processing state.

There is no point of creating tickets…

I created a ticket waited for 5 days and what reply i got made me laugh.

I got a reply : " seems u are waiting for long time. Let us know your issue is resolved"

Means in 5 days no one have open the ticket also.

There is no standards or deadline just keep counting money they r making by charging 37+%

Very dispointed… i am active from 10 years in this platform.

Codecanyon is one of the best platforms ever. These days due to so many tickets in Que it’s taking some time for their support team to rectify and resolve the issues but that doesn’t mean their system is just wasting time

Number of items is directly proportional to revenue they are generating.

And if they are unable to full fill the deadline as per their documentation (not i am saying) then how come system is good?

And its not about the system its about the process… if u raise a ticket how many days u will wait for someone to atleast view the ticket? If u can wait for month then u need to wakeup this is the era of getting everything done fast… time is money and they waste alot.

There is term called customer satisfaction and they need to satisfy that because we are paying 37+% they r not doing a community service…

If they serve for free i will completely agree with whatever time they take but when we pay and in their documentation they have mentioned about the time line to review…

Either they change it to 1 year review time atleast we will raise tickets after that but 2 days time and taking 69 days for review is not at all realistic and acceptable.

Sorry if i am reacting more…