Codecanyon (and other market) items versioning


Hi all, i think there is a missing property on Codecanyon. It is verisoning and last update date. We have using many scripts (especially WordPress ones, but others as well) from codecanyon. Sometimes plugin/script owners updates their scripts and this issues e-mailed to us, but sometimes they can find a problem on updated script and update again. So if you have mays sites that use these script probably you loose your control on following the latest versions.
If this is especially about scripts or themes sometimes there are security issues that we can faced.
So i think envato should place latest update time on “My Downloads” section for each script/theme items (even on all other markets’ items such as videohive, photodune etc…) so we can understand when this script/theme/creation is updated at last.
Even versioning and changelog must be compulsory (a template can be used on item’s page) for all item’s authors, because as you know sometimes authors to be late to announce or update the Changelog. So sometimes on item’s page, it is writing version 2.3, but item is actually 2.4 so we don’t update because our version is 2.3, but e-mail says version is 2.4 etc…
Have a good day to everyone…