External plugin update updating the last codecanyon date

Hello, if I use an external updater plugin to update the plugins or themes purchased in Envato, once the user updates the plugin or theme how can I update the date of the last update of the envato item page? What happened or how should I proceed?

Hello iLen,

Your question needs further information. Which external updater plugin are using?

The last update date on the envato item pages gets updated every time a new version is approved. However, authors may also publish more than one update during one day, so it is not a reliable unique identifier. You should be using the updated_at field in the Envato Catalog Item API, instead.


Thanks for answering. There are many external updates such as this codecanyon plugin.

I can tell the user that there is the available X version, what I want to know is that once this version has been launched, how to make the date of the last update of the plugin also be updated on the codecanyon item page.

what do you mean by external updates?

That is to say, the update is not via condecanyon but from another plugin or code that executes the update and the file is hosted in the author’s hosting and not in envato. What I would like to know is that if there is a way to tell codecanyon that my last update was X date. Because when updating the plugin externally then it will not update the date of the page of the item where people buy it.

No, there is no way to update the last update date unless you submit a new official update and the update gets approved. External updates do not count, because a user who manually downloads your item is expecting to get the latest available version, without connecting to an external server.

unlogical demand. how you think you will update the plugin in your hosting and will not publish the update version in codecanyon but would like to send update notification to customer. Customer will check for plugin details and last update in codecanyon not in your external link. So, you should keep always uptodate the plugin in your codecanyon profile to let customer know the update version available in codecanyon for download.

When you will update the plugin in codcanyon then the last update date will show in item details page. Also if customer use Envato market plugin then they will get notified about their purchased Envato Market WordPress Plugin latest update version and can update acordingly using the Envato market plugin.


I understand, so I suppose I can send 5 quick corrections updates to my clients externally, and every month I send one to codecanyon and the stable version. I think I’ll handle it that way.