Code canyon upload item stuck


I try to upload an item i filled up all the form to upload and it do nothing when i press process it stay there and nothing more even after waiting 10 min


Same thing here, nothing happened after a few minutes waiting, but I can see my upload in “Currently processing uploads”.


Seems that, according to Envato Status Page, were some issues on the market. Maybe this caused the bad update process.

If you still have the problem please contact the Help team in a ticket:


Having the same issue here today! Nothing appearing in my currently processing however.


Have you tried another browser? Do you get the success info after submitting the form?


Tried again today, same browser, same files, same comment. Works today though!


Good to hear that. Maybe there was an issue affecting only a small number of Envato’s authors. Who knows?! :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!


yes now it work it seem to be fixed it take the usual 15 sec now