Cocktail flyer rejected

Don’t know why this is hard rejected.
Quality issue.

hi here is how i feel about what u have done. The concept is cool and unique. I like it. The central composition is very original and is working well. This is not “perfect” as adding light and shadow under the stage would have taken the visual part one step above again but this is definitely really cool. Though , the problem is that u ruined it all with all the text part … The main title is not that outstanding despite this is big and this is not matching with the rest of texts. Plus, this is misplaced in my view. I also believe that writing on the curtains is not a big idea, either visually speaking or in terns of readability. The date is misplaced and damaging the global hierarchy … . The header text is too close from the upper edge and i suspecting that this is either inside the safety zone or the trim line. The footer is too and too close from the bottom edge so that the footer texts and the lower part of the item are “not breathing”. U finally have a real issue of alignment in the footer too. As could understand there is potential for u to slightly do better as regard to the composition but most importantly there is much to do, to say the least least, as regard to everything dealing with texts and information …


thank you very much, I make some improvements.

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cool good luck buddy :slight_smile: