They reject my cocktail flyer

After 5 approved items My cocktail flyer is rejected.
Is this about the shadows on the bottem that been cut of bad ( noticed to late ) or maybe the cocktail artwork is to flat ?
My typo can do better but no very worse i think.

What is your opinion?


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Grim blackouts in the corners. Dark shadows under the grass. Gloomy colors are everywhere. Acid clouds. Huge piece of dirt under the grass. Poorly cropped picture below. The digital background is irrelevant. Cropped umbrella.
All of this makes your poster look depressive. I don’t want to go to a party where my mood will be ruined. The poster should be joyful, colorfull.
Plus font, composition, lack of original idea, etc…
Why is the foreground sharp, the background blurred, and then the farthest plane (clouds) is sharped again? This is not logical.

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@romlam the best things to do is to throw this flyer out of the Windows and start with a new one. In a little bit ashame die this bad quality flyer while almost all of my artworks are HQ. Hahaha .

Allot of compositing issues combined with bad colors, low res images and boring typography.

@DesignSomething i think i was drunk when i create this one, He is in the garbage allready now.

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@DesignSomething i got the reputation to create HQ artworks but the whole flyer is trash. I had Have a blackout.

Use 2-3 elements. It’s easy to work with.

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Also try to not burn the shadows and highlights.

@DesignSomething yes i know. This flyer was very amateurish. Of was quantity over quality. It happens sometimes.

hi buddy , as for I see, there are a lot of issues with this flyer indeed. I believe that the composition overall is too bulky or massive and that for that matter nothing really pops out of it, so to speak, not to mention that u have some shadow issues (grass own the drink for instance not providing any shadow) which make the composition look less realistic than it could be. I guess also that on elf the most disturbing things here at the moment is that the main glasses look disconnected from the background, as if the environment surrounding the concerned glasses turned out to have no impact whatsoever on the glasses. This results once again in having the composition less realistic as it could have been if u had handled this part properly. Otherwise , still as one of the major troubles u have here with this flyer, I would mention the typo , once again… If the central one looks rather cooling terms of combinations, the rest keeps being super flat and not necessarily matching the central part of the composition, too. If u ask me, apart from illustrating for a proximity problem in the footer (I think this is not superfluous to remind u off the fact that proximity is a basic design principle and thus into way something worth underestimating as it would make u be confronted with big time trouble), the guest dj part is very hardly readable, not popping out, rather breaking the hierarchy of information thing and basically not being neither efficient, nor is it aesthetic. in other words, u would be better off with it … . I would have also rather chosen the white color for central / main titles as this would have helped these texts to look more outstanding, this is the bottom line, though I identify that u could do something rather harmonious with the color u have selected. Still more or less dealing with contrast issue, u have a way bigger problem in termes of contrast. This is regarding “dj jack and jones”. I would not go as far as saying that u are violating this basic principle but for sure u have not been handling properly at this stage and this is driving your flyer in being less efficient and definitely more confusing as regard to what piece of info really matters and need to be valued … the hierarchy issue is also being reinforced, according to me with the fact that the name of the club is not really given an important place and that this is only sort of transformed in to a website and that the name in question look like a secondary or even a tertiary level piece of information

unlike romlam, as for me I have no problem with the platform that u have created , this is original an idea and yes of course, this is very dark under but this is realistic and making sense and I would not point this part as being the “problem” but rather the global environment having no real echo. Besides, unlike him I also do not believe such that the darkened corners are much of an issue. I mean I don’t think this is necessarily super relevant because such a cocktail rather refers to something really seasonal but this can be considered as an artistic choice, and I do not believe that anyone can really blame for u for darkening corners … (some may not like , but this is a matter of feelings and tastes and we all know that we cannot something that will create a real consensus , some people will like the item , some less and some not at allies usual … this is the same for everything and everyone).

however , if u ask me I think that clouds in the back are definitely not selling , they make me think of sort of a “nuclear attack” lol and I think that this is not relevant as far as the theme goes and most importantly this is really not looking good visually speaking, in my view (in particular the dark cloud in the top left corner by the way …). Still in the rather more sideway issues but which turn out to be details that matter, u have forgotten to dodge the leaves on the right hand side of the flyer. This turns once again the composition more surreal that if could be, as the composition sort of looks pasted over the the background rather than composed. Beware otherwise, the darkening edges (bottom right corner indeed) that u have put are not yet reaching the corner , this is looks unprofessional and this deteriorates the way the flyer looks, too. I also fail to understand why u have decided to blend technology sign in the back, for me this looks not matching with the theme, colors, styled so on. Finally , I would like to add that if I were u I would have added a mask to the sort of shelf with earth under or “suspended island” using a gradient to that the bottom of it smoothly fades away , I assume that this would be looking better visually speaking

no this is not ,there is a rather cool idea, though , this is true, u have a variety of things to fix , this is not impossible to do if u ever want to …

@n2n44 thnx but I delete the whole psd file.
I will and can make much better items.
This was quantity not quality.
Summer is allready gone and halloween is comming so this will be my project and im create a couple of great ones. The one with the electric chair and the one with the evil clown are ready to upload over 2 months and lot more to come.

lol summer is not gone this is going to last least for 1,5 month but temporality depends on u :slight_smile:

i mean summer is almost gone. In my country the festivals are banned again and bars and clubs have to close at 00:00. and no live music and entertainment allowed till august 13
So for us summer is almost gone.

My feeling is there’s too much green. Also, if you’re using fonts, are they free and linked to?

My last post of a cocktail flyer was very bad with a green background.
So I improved the background with a tasty colorful one and changed the whole typo.
Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


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