Church Flyer Hard Rejected

Kindly assist, where can I correct? Never gotten

an approval since 2017

The image looks chopped off. Typography needs lots of improvements.


The only solution for such a flyer is “shift+del”.
Then start a new one again

hi well u have all kind of problems here …
first of all the model looks badly but and the immediate feeling is the one of something not premium and not even professional enough … the cutting of a model or anything else is sort of the basis … , then, u are basically violating every single basic design principle in town lol , alignment, contrast and so on , all is missing at this stage , indeed. Contrast being probably one of the biggest issue of all since there is an immediate impact - negative one I mean, of course - on the readability, the exposure and the hierarchy as well … basically all weakens the readability and the hierarchy of the information that u are trying to spread through the flyer in the end. The falling is wrong too, sometimes u shift from centered flagging to left flagging. The use of torn paper is so very seen everywhere that I am wandering how people can still accept a design with this inside … the background has close to no work at the moment and a lot of other thing, elements, disposition and so on inspire quite a strong feeling fo deja vu. The shadowing behind the torn paper is massive and in no way looks realistic. as for I guess form there u do not know what z-lay out turns to be , too, so that the text is properly placed , including the date banner in particular , which is too close from edges and and not according to the right spacing