Flyer got Hard rejected

hi there is much to say about what u have here … i think that there are many issues to deal with, many things to fix, change or also potentially remove …
here is what is “a problem” for me with what u have here …
1- global style
sorry to say just that but i like the photo part but the part with the small boy, the bus , but honestly this is not matching at all with the rest and most important with the illustration part, in particular … if i were u i would restart from scratch using this as a basis indeed …
2- interconnection between elements
for a composition to look credible and sort of realistic in a way ,u have to make sure to combine item so that they look like imbricating and that elements have interactions with each other … look for instance , back from back to school should be placed slightly under the arm and a smooth shadow should interconnect the picture with the text and making the combo realistic in the process …
3- typo
this is a crucial element here … probably the most important one of all as this is where people put the focus , here … so u should give typo the proper attention that it deserves. At this stage, do not get me wrong, we can still worst but the bottom line is that font combos could be way better , there could be more variations and level of reading, and the text could imbricate more. Besides , this is a very bad idea to do what u have done … leaving “to” alone, like this in the middle … it would be a much better idea to regroup it with “back” in this case so that “back” is not this prominent compared with the “school” part … this takes me to next point
4- hierarchy
there is much to do so that the thing looks way more convincing about it (not to mention that there is an issue of coherence, too , see point 5) … the club is being very small compared to te theme of the event, which is no a super good idea when it comes to branding, i guess u can easily identify that a potential buyer would like to promote their place in the process and for it to be visible , of course, not to mention that this is also important for the user of the flyer, potential guess of the event which will be on the receiving hand of the ad …
5- coherence
“club” with a 5 year old like guy featured?! lol really? lol or maybe mickey mouse club of something like this lol but more seriously, this looks strange … u should better write “school” in this case or there is definitely a cognitive problem on in the middle of all this … lol
otherwise , why an isolating leaf like this in a corner lol it does not look super relevant if u ask me
6- text disposition
sorry but apart from imbrication problems that i pointed at , there is also to add that the texts are “buttered” throughout the document … and the eye tends to get lost and in particular when it comes to the date , to be honest. The global disposition takes some impact away from texts indeed
on thing to add about this subject is that the header woudl better off being aligned in the center with the rest of the text for balance matters , actually …
7- shadowing and realism
unless u introduce the proper shadow everywhere this is required or needed, the result will not be as realistic as we could have expected it to be indeed … this will also help to underline some elements, in the process
8- spacing
this looks strange for header texts to be too stuck with the composition like this and to have so much space above it …


If you take out the kid photo you will have a bunch of elements with almost no design.

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