Chrome extension to paste preset text templates?

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The title says it all… Do you use/know of any Chrome extension (or even desktop app for Windows OS) which can be used to paste preset short text via certain keyboard shortcut (not ctrl+v, but some other)?

I’ve found a nice desktop app, but it does a lot of other things with clipboard which I don’t need, so I thought there’s maybe something simpler and lighter.

Maybe this -

This is how envato sends us the hard reject texts :smiley:

aron66 said

This is how envato sends us the hard reject texts :smiley:

I had the same thought :smiley:

kriskorn said

Maybe this -

Cool, I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

I use this:

It does not use keyboard shortcuts though, instead, you have extra option under right-click dialog. Very handy.

I’ve made my own extension based on the ReplyPantry by Sevenspark but had no time since then to build in proper options, tough I added a few more features and updated the styles and behaviour a little bit.

You would need to download the source files, install it as unpacked extension, edit the manifest.json a little bit and the assets/js/script.js that it gets applied where you need it and generate a crx file out of it, which you can then properly install on each of your chrome browsers (unpacked extensions doesn’t get synced between devices)

See here: TextPaste

I’m using it with BBPress. It adds a custom button to the WYSIWYG Toolbar which opens an overlay with text snippets to paste into the textarea. All data is saved in localstorage (no sync between devices).

This is definitely a work in progress and I plan to further improve it sometime, until then feel free to fork it and abuse it to your needs.

Hopefully it helps someone.

You can try out new extension is Reloo Envato

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