Author Tool - Introduce Reloo - Comment templates for quick reply customers comments

Are you bored of typing the same thing over and over on comments? Try this out.

Hey, everyone!

I’ve been working on a Google Chrome Extension that allows you to store comments template text for use in the Envato product comments.

When support for buyers, I always type the same text over and over again. It takes time for typing while you can do other things rather.
I thought it’d be nice to have some templates for the structure of reply or even full message. Then I decide to make myself Chrome Extensions - the Reloo Envato.

Reloo - its mean reply loop haha.

Enter Reloo:

Right click on user comment and select your templates.

Add new templates

Even you can search all comments from a user.

Reloo available on Chrome Web Store : Reloo Envato

Hope this tool helps someone.


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