Tags Generator Web App + Chrome Extension



Tags Generator Web App


Im prude to annonce that my new Tags Generator website is ready… and now all envato authors can use it ! ! !

Here are some new cool features :

  • Custom Separators & prefixes
  • Custom Presets
  • Custom Boards
  • Custom Categories
  • Custom Tags

and please dont forget to download aslo the chrome extenstion :smile:

Dedicated for Envato Birthday ! :)))))

Hope you will enjoy it !

Please feel free to contact me with any other ideas and requests.

(P.s: For all Firefox & Safari users, Please use the CMD+C or Ctrl+C to copy )



Tags Generator Website


Looking great, this is a tool I regularly use. :grinning:
One thing, though, copy-to-clipboard doesn’t work for me in Firefox, but works in Chrome, might be something to look into.


What a lovely tool.


Awesome! Thank you for developing and sharing!


Thanks Bro, I will check that out…:slight_smile:


Thanks Man :slight_smile: glad you liked it


Glad you liked it man :slight_smile:


Really useful tool, will try it next time, for sure! :smile: