I am so happy today. Created a title generator web app for envato & got a badge.

I have created a title generator web app for Envato items called Envatitle and got an Industrious Inventor badge today. Very soon it’s going to launch live. I’m so excited. :blush:


Looks functional! Congrats :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot. @WPSelected


Is the link fully functionnal?
Well, because of the name “Generator” I thought it would help me generate a title, but it simply checks for some rules that you must follow in your title, so it is rather a “SEO check” than a “Generator”.
That being said it can be useful for some of us…

Thanks for your good suggestion. It will help the new authors most, whose are not familiar with choosing a title for their items.

Well I was wondering if the online version if the definitive one, as it can be confusing…
I typed a title (well, I am an Audiojungle author, so it was a music track title) and nothing really happened, it showed me some rules, and the text I type is copied on the right side… but I don’t know what it means…

Simply having a static page with the 5 rules would be doing the same, so I am really confused here…

Good thoughts. Please note it that it’s the first release of this web app. We are working on it still. In next versions, you can enjoy more functionalities. :slight_smile:

Yes, no problem, I was just confused as on my screen it looks really wierd :slight_smile:
Impatient to see the future versions, keep up the good work !

well done buddy , cool accomplishment :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

What about the function in which it will be possible to create a template for editing the description, tags, etc.? It’s just that Envato is not in a hurry with this, and it seems to me that he does not even plan to do this.I don’t want to constantly copy metadata from other works as it takes a lot of time.