choosing a theme for a beginner start up writing on line service.

any suggestions? I have only ever created a wp website… blog… I’m now going into a business and need to design something using a theme.

I feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the choices and don’t really know what I am looking for.

Does anyone have any ideas.? Something easy and fresh looking. Not corporate…


My suggestion is to change design or hire someone who will make site that is looking professional. Current design is very amateur.

HI Zaccc
Many Thanks for answering. I think you I wasn’t clear in my question. I have a personal blog icantexplainmyfeet, this is my blog and not a professional website.
I am now in the process of starting a business and need a pro website and want to buy a theme. However the whole process is somewhat daunting. I may go with Optimize by Mikado . I wanted to ask if anyone can recommend that, is it easy to use . ?

So you have private blog an now you want second site to made for your business?
Again if you dont have any experience hire someone who will make your site. No one knows how you will handle with any of tons of template on Themeforest. They are not same and each of templates have different plugins.