Need blog theme advice (any help is much appreciated)

I am interested in starting a blog and potentially turning it into an app later on down the line. Looking for some advice on the best wordpress theme or software to do this. Do not have much experience at all with blogging so need something newbie-friendly to an extent as I am trying to do this mostly by myself and not involve any web developers. Would like to monetize the app probably as well once I get to that point so any themes or software that tailor to this would be a big plus.

Basically just trying to start a blog that I can do myself and learn how it works and have fun with it and then turn it into an app. I have looked at several wordpress themes for blogging and some apps but there are so many that I cannot narrow it down to just a couple to choose from. I am open to other software or themes that would work for me as well. Thanks in advance for any help.


You can start with this new item:
There are many suitable themes already in the market.