Chill Guitar mix rejected.??? Listen for relax time.



It’s normal for me in this case. But, please take a listen a leave some feedback if you have time.
I have a short version too. But this Youtube video is full length version.
This kind of music can make background for landscape, natural video …
Thank you for listening.


Astonishing, some reviewer having a bad day.


Personally I don’t find it relaxing; it might be me but from time to time there appears to be a faint high-pitched (annoying) hiss sound for some reason. I hope I’m not going crazy.


Thank you.


Thank you :smiley:


Hi friend! Great idea and its realization. I like it)


Thank you friend.


I like it too. Maybe you could reduce the harsh frequencies a bit?
But anyway, it’s just a sound matter.
And do not let the hard rejects frighten you. I also had two hard rejects in a row just now.
I guess it’s a bit like in a real jungle. Get as much food as possible but avoid to be eaten (by frustration and other unpleasant side effects)…
Good luck!