Need Help. Item was rejected.

Need feedback.
Item was rejected.
Help please :slight_smile:

Listen to Feel Good Motivational by Eli Sibony on #SoundCloud


Hey there,

quick feedback:

  • The guitar seemed rather loud to me in the beginning. Or at least something just seems odd to me. Maybe it’s the playing style. Or too much high frequencies here?
  • The drums suddenly was to loud as well. Especially the cymbal swells. You could also try to lower the high frequencies here.
  • At 0:30 min the pizzicato strings sound a bit weird. Like they are there, but too “shy” like you was not 100% sure, if you needed them there. I cannot describe it better, hehe. Try either to remove them or make them louder and mix them more “intended” into the piece.

So I guess the main reject reason was the mixing here. The other stuff seems nice to me. Good luck next time! (=

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Many thanks Tagirijus.
Do you think I should mix it better and try to upload again?

I would try it at least. Good luck! (=

Thank you :blush:

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