New reject. Again need your help folks.

Hello everyone! Hows going ?)
Hey man! Hey!!!
Pss?!) Wanna take a look at my new reject? I`m very hope you give me a few advices to fix that stuff… We all here soon or later got a rejects :))) So if you have a time you can tell be what you think about this work.
P.S.:And if seriously… Honestly i’m not disappointed by this. And im not surprised. Because more recently I noticed that all my work of a similar type are rejected.

What I think about this work… When i got reject a few days ago…Im just lay it down…Take a fresh and clear mind. And today i`ve listen it again…And i listen that i heared a wrong rhytmics.
And what you think?

Hey there.
To my thinking bassline is too loud. And i’d rather make it more… happier somehow)))
I mean the rhytmics, as you mentioned. Maybe add accent to the offbeat.
Overall i really like it) Sounds nice!

Sometimes hard rejects just cannot be explained unfortunately.

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Thanks man. I will try to fix those changes


  1. Try to remove the first round of melody
  2. Transfer the ringtone to another instrument (bells, piano)
  3. The whole mix sounds dull and quiet (need a limiter)
  4. Try to add claps
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Thanks man. Ill try to do those you tell me

i personally don’t know why they rejected stuff like that. it sounds good.

if you ask me, the only thing that I can say is that the instruments sound kind of blurry all together,
due to the mastering you did.

other than that it sounds pretty much commercial straight forward.

Sometimes your guitar sounds out of rhythm…
It’s amazing idea, try to correct it!)