Children who escape the war

My wife told me something very important few months ago. For children who escape the war, the first days of their stay in a new country are crucial. The enormous physical and emotional effort during the escape codes their psyche for years and it is up to us if they will be able to cover these traumas with something positive. It depends on us whether they will build their adulthood on grief and hate, or on empathy and faith in people.

Last week, I’ve started to help an Ukrainian mother with two kids (6 and 12 years old) whom I met on the Cracow street. They spent 55 hours on the way from Lviv (330km). They already had an apartment. During the conversation, it turned out that the older boy plays keyboard, loves music and has a birthday. So I invited them to my recording studio next day for a small party, my friend organized a cake and awesome musical games. There was a lot of smile.

After Russian aggression on Ukraine millions of Ukrainian women, kids, ill and elderly people flee from the war to save their lives. Right now (8.03.2022) there are 1.200.000 (yes, more than million) Ukrainian refugees in Poland. Every day another 150.000 comes to my country. I have never seen something like that. Me and all of my friends and families try to help as much we can, but there are so many of refugees… So much help is needed in the Ukraine…

Envato in its sole statement already engaged in help proposing that the Envato Community may individually contribute via the following humanitarian organisations:

I would love to see more humanitarian initiatives and more direct help to authors involved in the war, like this one:

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Thank you @RedOctopus for your help and support i am really appreciate everything you have done to help our people, i wish you and your family all the best!

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I am too far from you @RedOctopus, but if i can help you in some ways, please let me know.

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What a lovely gesture, and I imagine it meant a lot to those children and their families after everything they have been through.

This is a superb gesture from the heart! Salute for this and each one of us could do a lot to help!

I want to thank all people in Poland. Amount of help for our woman and children is remarkable! When we will win this war, our relationship will be on another level. I am very glad to have such neighbours.


Thanks a lot @RedOctopus for what you do! And thanks to Poland and other countries that accept our children and women at such a difficult time. We will never forget this


Many thanks to all residents of Poland and other countries who support Ukraine in this difficult time! I am now in Ukraine, and I help volunteers. Thanks to your moral, humanitarian and military assistance, we are confident that we will stand. Your support is very important to all of us right now.

Thank you for being patient with our refugees - I know some act like they’ve come to a resort. I want to apologize for such people - the vast majority of Ukrainians are polite and hardworking, but, unfortunately, there are exceptions.

Together we will win!


Outstanding initiative Krzysiek!
love to see