Envato statement on Ukraine and Russia (Feb 28)

As an Envato community, we are deeply concerned about the welfare of all of those impacted by the current military conflict in Ukraine, and particularly those in our creative community who have been displaced or directly affected. We oppose this use of force and we are reviewing the ways we can assist our community during this time.

We are continually evaluating the impact of restrictions and international sanctions on our creative community and appreciate your patience as we do this. If you have been directly affected by the events in Ukraine and have a need for support with your Envato account, please reach out to our Author Support team.

The Envato community includes authors, customers and staff members from all over the world. These forums provide a safe space for communicating across borders, with others in our community. That’s important to all of us.

Through this community, we are all connected to designers, composers, developers and more, in both Ukraine and Russia. We know that real people are behind the usernames we see on our screens, and that this conflict affects everyone. We won’t tolerate any form of discourse that is intended to inflame tensions with people of another country.

Please stay safe and be kind to one another.

Staff updates in this thread:


Specifically for the Envato Forums, please DO:

  • Continue sharing your experiences here on the forums. We won’t be blocking discussion about Ukraine or Russia unless it breaks our community rules, and it’s important to discuss how this conflict is affecting you, both with others in your country, and with the wider Envato Author community around the world.
  • Make sure you take some time out, if you’ve been spending too long refreshing the forums or your local news site.

Please DON’T:

  • Participate in or encourage personal attacks, or call out other community members. This includes purposely disrupting the conversation, and being aggressively critical without making any constructive contribution.
  • Assume malicious intent, if you read comments that you disagree with. Our community is broad, and English is not the first language for many of us, so there will always be misunderstandings.

You can use the “flag post” button to privately contact our Moderator team about any post that concerns you, and we’ll review it as soon as we can.

As this situation continues to evolve, we will keep you informed about any changes that affect our Author community.


As a NATO neighbouring country of Ukraine, we’re also scared things might escalade. Hopefully they won’t and in fact peace will be negotiated as soon as possible.

Ukrainians, Byelorussians and Russians are some of the most talented people in the world. Hopefully these talents will continue to be able to post their great work on the Envato Market.

Peace is underrated. :v:


I really hope that the leadership of the warring parties will sit down at the negotiating table and this war will end. I never thought it would happen here right next door in XXI century. Peace to all.


I am convinced that the mission of creative people is to unite people through art all over the world and all countries. Bringing light into this world is very important…especially in difficult times, when the world is divided and everyone has their own truth. Thanks to Envato for a balanced position and the opportunity to try to make our world a better place. Peace to all!


Peace to all!


It is painful to see how the fragile world is collapsing because of the ambitions of politicians and the desire to advance their interests. I believe that everything will get better and we will all cope with this situation. The main thing is to look at the situation more broadly and not allow evil to fill your hearts. All people are brothers! Be strong, dear colleagues. I hug both Russians and Ukrainians in our community!


Stop the war!

Peace for all Ukrainian and Russian authors, people, families and their kids.

There is one thing which may affect us all. Let’s hope the psycho dictator will not launch nuclear rockets. Few days ago he threatend “everyone who will stand against him with arms not used before” and yestereday he announced the state of readiness of Russian nuclear units.

It looks like he is going into madness. I hope there are people who will stop him.

The promissing thing is that Russian soldiers do not want to fight, they have low morals and make small progress.

Defenders fight against the aggression. They defend their homes and families. They are extremely motivated.

I live in Cracow, Poland. We share border with Ukraine, we are hosting right now hundreds of thousands refugees, more to come. If there is someone from The Community who need help for him or his family, let me know. ALL OF MY POLISH FRIENDS are engaged into humanitarian aid, hosting and transporting refugees and making money transfers. ALL. It was awesome to see how my country unite collecting CRAZY amount of humanitarian aid and informing public opinion about the Russian danger. My country has been invaded by them too many times and we understand the danger and implications.

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova and Poland are next on the dictator’s route. Stop the war now or it will evolve in the end of our world. We will not attack first, just as Ukraine did not attack first. But we will defend.

Bravo for the defenders! Bravo for the Russians who are protesting in their cities!

Peace for all Ukrainians and Russians!


Sad situation for Ukrainians i hope this war will stop soon. We need peace, we all have families. I am dreaming about world without wars and violence. May be it’s too idealistic, but i believe next generation of those who young now will change the political landscape.


For all authors, especially Ukrainian, please:

  • write facts about situation in your city, situation of you and your families
  • avoid provocations and personal attacks (both as a defender and as an attacker)
  • fight with fake news and misinformation by writing facts
  • do not blame Russian authors but encourage them to protest against aggression. They may have problems with huge propaganda in their media, it is not their fault. Inform them, not fight with them.
  • be polite and do not get emotional (I know it can be hard)
  • flag posts which are aggresive, which are personal attacks, provocations, misinformation and fake news

We need to inform world about the danger and your horror, we do not need banned topics. Closed topics do not inform.

Peace for all Ukrainian and Russian authors!


Stop this war!
All became unimportant, almost all things in everyday life. Only how to defend our country and how to help to other people. It’s absolute maddnes. Russian army bombing civils, hospitals, cities. Lot’s of people now without their homes. I’m calling everyone to share and to help to Ukraine as much as everyone can!

Glory to Ukraine!


Envato - you’re great! Great job!


I live in Ukraine in the Kherson region. Now my family and I are under occupation by Russian army. Bombs are falling near our territory and I have seen civilians killed. We need to stop this madness! Putin is crazy and he could start a world war…


I encourage every author from russia to talk to their friends and family who are still believe in propaganda. It’s not a special operation against Ukraine’s government. It’s a war.


Hang in there!
Слава Україні!


I hate war and enmity! And I hope that soon all this will end in peace and harmony! I ask the authors of Russia, Ukraine and all other states to remember that it is not us and not you who arrange wars. And we have nothing to share with you! Art and creativity should be out of politics. And remember this thing - the war will end, and your negative texts will remain here and in memory forever. Be kinder to each other, because in this world there is less and less kindness and understanding. Peace for everyone!


many think it’s just politics…but it’s war…please do not demand any proofs of russian aggresions here, these discussions are not needed here, there are many other social networks, youtube, watch and analyze, criticize Russian propaganda. My experience, Ternopil region: 4 times air alarm per day, hours spent in the basement with children. People organized to defend, helping each other…


Украінцы трымайцеся, мы ўсе разам з вамі! Мы супраць вайны, мы супраць діктатуры. Энвата - треба учыніць фонд у падтрымку Украіны каб мы маглі падтрымаць нашых братоў украінцаў не толькі словам, але і справамі!


Killed people and kids will remain in graves forever.

But true, we have to be kind to each other to avoid escalation.



Yes, this is definitely true. That is why I urge people at least here not to rush with aggression at each other. Is there not enough cruelty and evil in this world? Negotiations have started right now in Belarus. We all pray that the authorities will agree among themselves on the end of the conflict.