Envato statement on Ukraine and Russia (Feb 28)

Белорусы, очень скоро у вас будет выбор стать или Беларусами и остаться нашими братьями и быть частью цивилизованного мира или на поколения стать белороссами и изгоями. Понятно что вы слабые и не можете своего усатого скинуть, да и физически это уже невозможно, друг усатого обязательно пришлет вам немножко войск если вздумаете бастовать. Но помните ваш вклад в борьбе с фашизмом - вы были лучшие партизаны, вот и сейчас, спускайте поезда с войсками, ставьте специальные шипы на дорогах где военные, не дайте втянуть вас в войну. Для вас это потеря будущего на десятилетия и этот позор не отмыть.

А вот с нашей победой, у вас откроется окно возможностей, как только путин сдохнет в бункере своем захлебываясь своей мочей как и его герой Сталин то дни усатого будут тоже сочтены


Ничего себе слабые. Таких массовых митингов не было нигде, учитывая какой жестокий власти давали отпор.

Я из РФ. Вчера были на митинге против войны. Одного из наших товарищей схватили. И вот что я могу сказать, первый раз просто составляют протокол, ну сутки подержат и отпускают. А потом тебе говорят: “Вот у тебя есть один привод, если еще раз выйдешь - у тебя реальный срок будет. Переведешь деньги Украине - сядешь за измену Родине”. Там уже сроки вплоть до 20 лет. Мне хочется заснуть и чтобы это все было просто моим страшным сном, у меня много друзей в Украине. Я всем сердцем ненавижу то что происходит.


I wrote about wide area, which I meant e.g. Wołodymyr or Ivano Frankivsk. I am not familiar with province borders, now I see they are very close to Lviv province, not inside. Sorry for being not enough accurate.

I wrote about wide area, which I meant e.g. Wołodymyr or Ivano Frankivsk

it’s separate regions.

на майдане люди коктейлями жгли бтры и прятались от снайперов, а вы мне про автозаки какие-то. Ну а как вы диктаторов собрались сковыривать? Флажками помахать? Но как я говорил, вы уже прошли ту точку невозврата когда что-то можно было сделать. Теперь для вас возможны только непрямые методы ну или выходить сразу миллионами одновременно, но сомневаюсь что вы способны на такое


Well, you should know that there are people who speak both English and Russian. Who travel both sides, and know people there and there (even in a vertical line of power on both sides).

Everything started in Lithuania (like with USSR, but probably coincidence:) when Yanukovich refused to sign the EU deal. Ukraine protests after Yanukovych EU deal rejection - BBC News then everything fell apart like a domino.

Yanukovich runs out. Russians stepped in (they were scared that the 40years rent contract for the Sevastopol base will be canceled) this violated Budapest Memorandum. The UK and the USA gave a warranty of territorial integrity in exchange for Ukrainian soviet nukes. According to the agreement, UK and USA had to step into conflict by military means (start ww3 in other words). And they do nothing. So Putin moved in.

He is shelling east Ukraine Kharkiv, Mariupol, and other cities on that side, right now when I type here, where the majority of people are Russians. Did you mention he tries to save who? Russians by shelling them?

Anyway not sure why I started this post. Maybe thought that some of you don`t know when it or how it started.

Regarding Envato policy, I just guess they would follow what their government would tell them to do. Or the thing will clear out automatically, for example, if PayPal and pioneer will cancel their links in Russia.


Paypal already closed any withdrawals for russia. And I think Payoneer closed their cards for russia long time ago. Not sure how russian artists can work here now, because banks are also under sanctions. But this is their payment for ignoring dictatorship. It’s too late now. I hope someone shoot putin when he will try to click on nuclear button


if this post is deleted i will delete my audiojungle profile
86% of Russians consistently support Russia’s annexation of Crimea.
Source: Levada Center poll results


This is good example how to twist such situation in your favour. Not true. We are not giving our money to support war.


You even accuse Envato of being an accomplice… Don’t start a war here either.


95 or 86? I believe much much lower. A lot of people here affected by sanctions and not happy with idea, that no one asked them do they need this war. There is also enough idiots too who believe every word from official TV channels. But not 95 or 86. Especially in the light of degradation of their income and stability.



Explosions rock Kyiv as Russian assault continues


UN records 752 civilian casualties in Ukraine conflict since the beginning of the Russian invasion

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Ну тогда 2 варианта: если мы способны, значит диктатора свергнем. А если не способны, тогда так все и останется. В любом случае зависит все от нас. Можно говорить много слов, когда ты в раздражен. Но реальную ситуацию прочувствовать можно только находясь в России.


CNN # Russians struggle to understand Ukraine war: ‘We didn’t choose this’

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War is murder unless the life of the nation is put in danger.
Commander in Chief " M.K. ATATÜRK " :dove:


Politicians have quarreled people ! Ordinary people don 't need war , they need love , creativity and peace !


Hey everyone. While we’re very aware of the terrible situation, this and other threads seem to cause more harm than good with things going off topic and turning into personal attacks. I think it’s really burning out our community, moderators and myself. As this is not a news or political forum, it’s not a great place to go for that kind of information. Unfortunately, for now, I’ll need to close this thread down along with any new ones that may open. We’ll be posting any further information we receive in the Announcements forum.

Thank you.


Hi all. There has been a lot of discussion during the last few days with regards to global sanctions and our support of our international creative community.

As a global company, Envato complies with all laws and regulations applicable to its activities, including laws imposing economic sanctions. We are not able to make exceptions to legal compliance, but we continue to communicate directly with our affected community members about what actions we are required to take.

A number of forum members have also reached out about concerns that we are censoring discussion by removing posts. To reiterate from our earlier announcement: the only management of posts we have undertaken is to ensure our forum rules are being followed. Please take a moment to read them here.

We have updated our forum rules around donations and fundraising. We’re now allowing these for the Ukraine/Russia conflict, with the following requirements:

  • Explicit permission must be given by Envato Staff - please don’t post here directly.
  • Fundraising organisations must be officially verified NGO or non-profit organisations.
  • Send me a DM with details, if you would like an organisation added to our official list.

If you would like to contribute, the following humanitarian organisations are already hard at work:

This thread will remain closed over the weekend, in order to give our moderation team some time to catch their breath.