Envato statement on Ukraine and Russia (Feb 28)

Hey everyone. While we’re very aware of the terrible situation, this and other threads seem to cause more harm than good with things going off topic and turning into personal attacks. I think it’s really burning out our community, moderators and myself. As this is not a news or political forum, it’s not a great place to go for that kind of information. Unfortunately, for now, I’ll need to close this thread down along with any new ones that may open. We’ll be posting any further information we receive in the Announcements forum.

Thank you.


Hi all. There has been a lot of discussion during the last few days with regards to global sanctions and our support of our international creative community.

As a global company, Envato complies with all laws and regulations applicable to its activities, including laws imposing economic sanctions. We are not able to make exceptions to legal compliance, but we continue to communicate directly with our affected community members about what actions we are required to take.

A number of forum members have also reached out about concerns that we are censoring discussion by removing posts. To reiterate from our earlier announcement: the only management of posts we have undertaken is to ensure our forum rules are being followed. Please take a moment to read them here.

We have updated our forum rules around donations and fundraising. We’re now allowing these for the Ukraine/Russia conflict, with the following requirements:

  • Explicit permission must be given by Envato Staff - please don’t post here directly.
  • Fundraising organisations must be officially verified NGO or non-profit organisations.
  • Send me a DM with details, if you would like an organisation added to our official list.

If you would like to contribute, the following humanitarian organisations are already hard at work:

This thread will remain closed over the weekend, in order to give our moderation team some time to catch their breath.