Elements Content Bonus In Ukraine

Dear @envato
I am writing to you as an author from Ukraine, due to the terrible situation in my home country, I would like to ask you to consider temporarily disabling activity requirements for Elements Content Bonus for authors from Ukraine, since many authors are currently unable to upload content in the required amount and also for many authors now any extra money is vital.
I hope for your support


Good idea.


We would vote for this :slight_smile:


Good suggestion.

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Great idea!
It’s only fair.

If it’s possible for envato, then it’s a great idea. The situation is terrible.


Ситуация действительно оставляет желать лучшего. Но это временно, а поддержка бы не помешала.


I agree that I would vote for this also. Any country in these circumstances should be given special permissions for unusual situations, such as this.

Hi all.

I can confirm that we will be doing this, as part of a wider package of support measures for our Ukrainian authors. We’ll be providing full details of this in a more formal manner soon.

Thank you to @mr_NightMan and all those who have contributed to this thread. Please keep an eye on the forums for more information on this change, as I’ll be sharing more as soon as I can.


It would be great. Because I don’t have access to my music studio. I hope that russian bombs will not destroy it. Because I have fellow author here, whom now have no studio or even home.


Update: We’ve announced more support for the Ukraine author community here, including removing the Content Bonus activity requirements, guaranteeing Envato earnings for at least the next three months, and a one-off relief payment that will be processed later this month.

All Ukrainian authors should receive an email early next week, which will contain full details of how these support measures will work.

I’ll close this thread now, as these changes are also being discussed in the main announcement area. Please keep an eye out for an email from us next week.