Checking problems in my html5 template

Hey guys, I’ve designed a html5 template. I know this template will be rejected hard, if I upload.

Now, I want to know that, in wich point should I improve my skill and in this template what’s the main problem.

Yes, this will be hard rejected and it is cool that you are aware of it. Realizing that you are not good enough is the first and most important step in self-improvement. Many people posting in these forums won’t pass this step and they will never get approved. Be critical to your work. Always.

To give you some more specific feedback, there are many things off in your design. Text in the " Pure Food, Pure Health" is not centered, background for “We Deliver The Best” is cut, the border radius of the same section doesn’t make any sense, texts in “About us” are note centered, I do not understand why none of items under “Foods” are not clickable and so on. To be super frank with you, it looks very very amateurish. I wouldn’t even bother trying to improve this one.

What I would do however, is to spend some time examining the recent bestseller designs on ThemeForest, popular stuff on Dribble and Behance etc. Spend some time learning about web design on sites like and similar ones. And if you are serious about design then first make sure to actually make a great design (in Photoshop, Sketch or any modern software like that) before you even commit to coding it. You need to spend a lot of time improving your skills before you try to submit something here. You are lacking basic attention to details and that is not something you can learn overnight. I would suggest to try to get a PSD / Sketch design approved first. It probably won’t sell, but that is not the point. Point is to raise your skills to a certain level and use it as a starting point for making stuff which will sell like HTML templates or WP themes.
Alternatively, just partner with a designer and focus on the development side if you fell more like a coder.

Very importantly, be realistic about your expectations. You won’t be making great designs in a week. It takes a lot of time to get there.