Is my HTML template good

Dear friends,
I had created a one page HTML template and was rejected. Now, I have made some improvements in its design. kindly give your opinion about it. I would be very grateful to you for your favor.
yours truly
Noman Ghafoor.


Your link is not working

You need to grow your UI design skills. It is a very basic template. You may check latest HTML templates of themeforest to get inspiration then polish it up again.

Try to learn more about template hierarchy, color theory, typography.

Keep up the good works.

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Please check it.

It is

Dear the link is here.

@nomanghafoor Can you please update the link? Link is not working.

Hey @nomanghafoor,

you need to improve your item design quality, spacing & alignment, Visual Hierarchy typographic hierarchy etc. its still not ready for Envato market .
You need to more study about themeforest HTML quality standard.Study and research more about that hope will improve your item design quality and approving.


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The link is