About themeforest template upload

This is my html template link "CodeCrafted IT " which one I uploaded in themeforest but this template was rejected .Someone can tell me why my html got rejected.

Very outdated design

Basics like typography and hierarchy all need work

Tons of room for improvement on mobile

give me tips how to design html for approval

You need to improve the overall design

Find features and functionality that go beyond free templates

Look at the attention to detail and versatility in popular items that you would be up against

please give me some example for that i understand better

No one can teach you how to design or basic principals of best practice

If you want to sell on a premium marketplace then it’s reasonable to expect you to understand the basics.

For example styling is off the shelf, typography is very plain and lacks hierarchy, layout and features can easily be found for free online.

There’s also too much that needs fixing - you should invest time in improving experience and investigating what modern or better selling items include before starting something new.

Look at yours and look at things like this Canvas | The Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template by SemiColonWeb | ThemeForest - which would you choose?

thank you