Changes to the Elite Program rewards: A live webinar.

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Hey folks,

It’s been a few months now since I joined Envato and stepped into the role of Elite Program Manager. It’s been a pretty wild ride and I’ve spoken with some amazing authors from all over the world about the program, what it means and what it could be. Part of this has been looking into the rewards of the Elite Program and examining what’s great, but also the stuff that might not be working all that well.

I want the rewards to be more awesome to authors, and ultimately that means making them more useful.

To that end, in just a few weeks, we’re going to be changing some of the Elite Program rewards. But instead of simply announcing these in the via a forum post, I want share them with you face to face, along with the research and context that went into the decision making process.

If you’re an Elite, or simply have your sights set on joining the program someday, I’d invite you to join me next week for a chat about the new rewards.

When: Tuesday, 15th of September.

Time: 11pm (Australia Time), check out what that means for your part of the world here.

How to join: Register for the webinar here!

PS- If you haven’t already, check out our first round of Envato Master Class Webinars!

  • Matt

Awesome Matt. This is a very welcomed change!

FYI, the register link is pointing to the website. Might want to change that, so we can register.

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Right you are! Amended!

Excellent. You just got yourself your first attendee. :wink:

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Awesome news! We’re in!

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That’s great, see you in webinar :slight_smile:

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Awesome, seems interesting :smiley:

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will be there sitting starin at you! :smiley:

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This is very good, but elite author who just passed some big milestones and already got current rewards will be unhappy. This is not hard to get first rewards (like Elite Author first care pack), but this is very hard to get 500k or 750k reward milestone when you just reached previous.


It’s at 3am in the morning :sleeping:.

Any chance to get a summery after the event?

it’s actually 3pm :grin:

11pm. eek! haha :slight_smile: I’ll stay up :slight_smile: see ya then.

Hopefully they will retroactively reward us somehow. :sweat_smile:

Load up on red bulls and watch the sunrise. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought you were from Austria? That’s 3pm your time. Give or take.

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exactly :no_mouth:

I’ve didn’t noticed that

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I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t made similar time-zone errors. :grin:

Has anyone ever reached 25 Mil ? :frowning:

why is the world not just a single time zone… :earth_asia:

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Hey dudes! We have 151 Registrations already! Join the party!

I’m confused:
Here you say 11pm

And registration page says 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Am I missing something?