Finally I became an elite author! Thanks Envato!

Hello Everyone, I’m delighted to announce that i’ve just become Elite Author and thanks to all buyers and envato staff. i know it’s too late for me to be an elite author, just because i had only goals but no planning. Today i have a strong goals with specific planning, i hope i’ll achieve my dream soon.

Thanks for your all support :slight_smile:


Years ago I started writing with an affiliate link. Since more recently I can’t find that link anymore and just continue writing with the affiliate extension copied from former posts. Maybe the method to write has changed completely and maybe I have no chance anymore for my posts to be approved. Do they want to make hobbyists from us all? I “design” my own themes since years but never made one that provoked a “wow” reaction by byself. Thus why do the whole process to submit it let alone try to sell.