First post: Elite Author

I remember thinking of Elite Authors as superstars back when I came across Envato market as a buyer. This is a bit surreal!

From anxiously waiting for first plugin’s review to finding my plugin in action on some great websites over the years. The journey so far has been humbling.

I’ve been a lurker on these forums, tempted several times to engage with the very helpful community. The very welcome email from Envato today gave me a great excuse to start and uphold the tradition, all at the same time.

Thank you God, and thank you all who make Envato what it is, the customers who trust us and the authors, adding gems to this treasure trove attracting everyone so even the quiet-corner-lurkers like us can come in here and become Elite Authors by some magic. Really speaks volumes of the opportunities afforded by Envato to different people all over the world.

There’s a lot more to do and a lot more to look ahead to. Hopefully God, Most High, holds my hand through it as well.

Thank you!

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