Elite Rewards webinar questions :)


Hello fellow authors! There was a webinar about the new elite rewards or something like that last month. I couldn’t attend it and would like to know if there were any changes / things discussed.

I should’ve gotten the receive for $500k for over a year now and still nothing, have sent several e-mails without receiving any real answers so I’m interested in knowing if there was anything changed.


up up up, nobody attended it? :smiley:


Here’s all the information you require: Changes to the Envato Elite Program rewards



Beat me to it! Thanks @Palzme

Hey @FinalDestiny, weren’t you were going to let me know when your bag arrived? If it hasn’t arrived then we’ll try it again with a new bag :smile:


Hey @matthewcoxy . Thanks. I sent an e-mail 2 months ago about it, not sure if you received it or not. Just sent another one now. :smile:


Must have missed it mate.

Shot you a reply :wink: