Changes To How Authors Receive Earnings Payouts From Envato

Envato, without authors, your company will fail easily. You keep on getting worst and worst every day, I miss Envato 2015.

Why don’t you care about authors opinion? All are against this decision. Now you are forcing us to withdrawal money every month, what if our bank was closed, no PayPal and no Payoneer account? and we need time at least one month to open new account etc?

Why don’t you give us the ability to choose what we want?

It could be really easy if you just made a poll about this, to see the authors opinion.
Take care of your authors, all your company, offices, emplooyes depends on them.


Great, but at the same time, Payoneer assured us repeatedly that the decision on the size of the commission was taken by your companies together.


Politics, my friend, same as politics. No practical examples to how this change is good for the authors, just words. The growth part is true, but their growth, not the author’s.
The perfect example is the explanation that they need to implement automated withdrawals because they already have them on elements or studio. It’s like punching someone in the face and then motivate that you already punched other two so you need to be in line with yourself.
Elements are a totally different thing than the marketplace, I recall them saying. So why apply the same rules then?

Seriously, I would love to see a clear explanation to why these decisions are a good thing for the authors. Maybe we are missing something.


Maybe because Envato is not a bank, but a marketplace, and therefore they are not required to keep our money above the payment term specified in the Author Terms.

Even in the current Terms, Envato reserved such a right in advance, thereby making it clear that changes may come sooner or later:

We will continue to hold your earnings until we receive a request for withdrawal unless for some reason we decide to pay you your earnings without a request.

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It looks like your long-term plans aren’t working so well at the end (at least for us).
I just checked USA conversion rate over a few years and I noticed that conversion is dropping over years.
On 1.1.2016 you announced that Envato USA will attract more USA buyers and then added a tax burden to authors and try to convince us that this was a great decision.

Here are our conversion stats only for the USA buyers:

2014 -1.27%
2015 - 1.45%
2016- 1.36%
2017 - 0.85%
2018 - 0.74%

Note: I don’t say that this is the same for all author so I will be more then happy if others share USA conversion rate from 2014 as well.
Note 2: On the other hand I noticed that conversion rate has risen for some European countries (like Germany and UK).


This is a very bad decision for authors operating in a partnership. We’re sure there are much more authors having concerns than Envato might assume. They might just don’t want to speak out or wait for developments on this situation. We have the feeling that on the long term this will hurt not just authors but Envato as well.

@Odin_Design proposed a very reasonable idea in the topic (Petition to Envato) Partnership Tools

Envato: Please consider making partnership tools, otherwise we – and likely many others – have to consider leaving the market.

Kreatura Team


Im giving up there is no way to get a right answer or any kind of logic help here at the end of the month i will remove all items i have here and start looking for another marketplace other authors should do like me that i think will be the only way to make envato care a little more about how they manage this place. ( no need to say " that is my choice " i know that already but giving them 2800 unhappy customer i think may help them to realise )


I’m so sorry to say this, but finally, this is a fair step for fair authors. :kissing_heart:

I’m so tired to fight as single author against “author” with a team of 20 people behind.

I am an author who manages by herself the code, the support, the hosting, everything… by myself since 2013. And I am so tired to see that an “autho” who is, in fact, an entire company with 20 employees, has a similar item like mine …and we are, you know…“competition”

It wasn’t a fair competition. Envato was no for that.

Envato was not for companies. Envato was, from the beginning, for people like me, developers who left their corporate life, for making money at home, while trying to balance the work with a familiy life.

And now? Look at the market. An author who is in fact a company with 20-100 employees behind.

I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m only saying this is not Envato was built for.


It’s quite the opposite. Believe me, there is no bad news for “author” with a team of 20 people behind because in most cases these are employees for hire, not other 20 authors.


Do you think Avada author has 30+ different withdrawals each month? :slight_smile:

You are completely missing the point of split withdrawals here. Usually, split withdrawals were for developer and designer :slight_smile: Not for support staff! I think 70% of authors who use split withdrawals are designer and coder team.

And in the end, why do you think this will benefit you? For us it’s very similar, just a few more administration steps after withdrawals, so I really don’t get your post!

I guess now it will be fair competition :slight_smile:

p.s. Envato was built for: You do the creative we do the rest, but this was back in 2012!

p.s.s. Now the new slogan is: You do the creative, we take the profit :wink:


You won’t get paid in that example… you’ll get paid in the following month (or the month after that) when your balance is above $500. As for changing your bank details, there’s nothing in the original post about not being able to, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do that.

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I have not make any sales can I get paid

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If you have a sufficient balance from referral payments. But otherwise, no… meeting the minimum withdrawal amounts is usually dependant on getting sales.

If you’ve read the FAQ’s and contacted Payoneer… and you’re still not getting any help, then that’s fair enough. If you’ve not read the FAQ’s or contacted Payoneer (or even Envato support), then that seems a bit of an extreme decision to throw away your Envato account because you don’t want to put in a bit of effort to find the answer to your question. But still… it’s your choice, as you say!

It’s probably not the most efficient way for you to enable change, and express your dissatisfaction at a lack of easy to find instructions on how to change Payoneer accounts. Writing to support to express your dissatisfaction at a lack of easy to find instructions on how to change Payoneer accounts (which will probably result in instructions on how to change Payoneer accounts, or at least a recommendation to contact Payoneer) would probably be the best course of action.


contact Payoneer either via their Live Chat or via Skype for example (1-800 number is credit-free to call).
I managed via LIve Chat.

Hi there,

Where can I change my Payoneer account in Audiojungle interface? I used my friend’s account and now according to your new policy I have to use my own. But I can’t find where I can change it. Please, help!

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You Need To Contact Payoneer And Envato Support To Unlink Your Current Payoneer Account.

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Please, don’t enforce automated payouts, for SWIFT the transfer cost is $50, so from $500 that’s 10%.
By only withdrawing once every 4 months we can save $200, no reason to make the banks rich…


Not to be mean, but nowhere on the website it says that you can’t work in teams. Also, competition is good and that’s how any market stays healthy. No one forces you to work alone and also, you can work alone while still creating good products and competing with other larger teams. Also, you got the whole point wrong, this feature mostly affects small teams or lone authors whose earnings are little. It forces you to withdraw monthly so you have to pay the withdrawal taxes even though you could save money by saving a few months before withdrawing.

PS: I am also a one-man-team and have no issues with others working in teams or as a company and creating products for the Envato marketplaces.

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